CA shows: REPUBLIC OF PIE, N. Hollywood 12/9 8pm; SIMPLE PLEASURES CAFE, SF 12/15 7pm

Sari & Jesse

Rock and Roll Dreamers

Sharing stories through music



Hailing from the garden state, Sari is a classically trained keyboard player with a rocker's soul.  An award winning composer of the musical Mom!, her lyrics and music have been recognized by various songwriting competitions nationwide.  She can cook too!


Bayou born and raised, Jesse is an award-winning classically trained singer who has toured extensively throughout the south and midwest. As a producer and director, she has nurtured new musicals, plays and the careers of many well known comedians and musicians. 

Spellbound Productions

Sari and Jesse formed Spellbound Productions in 2016 to write, produce and perform their music. Their song "Namaste" was a finalist in the 2017 WHIW-LP 101.3 FM songwriting competition and received honorable mention in the 2017 SWAN Day song contest. In 2018 their song "Rock & Roll Dreamer" took third prize in the SWAN day contest.


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